Welcome to my playground!

This is a web site I’ve created for a class I took at Palomar Community College in San Marcos. Initially, it was pretty bare and changed often while I worked on my school assignments, but now this my fun home on the web. I have a business home already, which can be seen at Fig Leaf Designs, and that’s were I dabble in web design. However, I figured I needed a place to talk about things not related to my business, stuff like my hobbies, my kids, and life in general.

So sit back, enjoy the show, and try not to giggle too much as I muddle through. Oh, who am I kidding? GIGGLE AWAY! Guffaw even! I’m OK with that since I’ll probably be snickering and snorting myself! If you’ve got suggestions or comments, please feel free to mosey on over to my “Contact” page which has a contact form on it, or comment on a blog post. I value any input!

Ryan & Shawndy at the OMA "After Death" Event in October of 2011