She’s Driving!!!

Yep, the title says it all – my teenager is not only driving, she’s weeks away from having her full-fledged license. It’s a scary thought, but I’m not sure if she’s more scared of it or if I am! She doesn’t have a car yet, so solo excursions will be at a minimum for the time-being, but we’ve been car shopping and comparing makes and models, and she’ll have one in the near future.

Teen doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to have her sign a driving agreement that I modified from one that was published recently in a Dear Abby column. I’m of a mind that if a person knows what’s expected of them, it’s a heck of a lot easier to do the right thing. This agreement lays it all out and can hopefully be a good tool for her. I’m linking the agreement below – what do you think about it? Did I miss anything or am I being too heavy-handed? All input is welcome!

Driving Responsibility Agreement

What have I gotten myself into?

My kindergarten daughter decided that she wanted to be a Girl Scout Daisy, but only did so in November…

“So what?” you may ask. Troops are formed at the beginning of school, and by waiting until the last minute, we were left without a troop to join! Ugh! Ok, so what now? After going to a meeting a the local council office, I found out…start a troop or don’t join. Really?!? Those are my only options? Well, shoot!

OK, so what’s involved? I bet you’re wondering why it’s gone this far? It’s mostly because the 5-year-old keeps telling me how great it is that her friends are Daisies and keeps giving me the, “You must not love me since I’m not a Daisy yet” look.

The nice lady from the council says that it’s not much of a time requirement, maybe an hour or so to prepare for a meeting and then the meeting itself. She assures me that you don’t have to do more, and really, don’t I want to do this for my daughter? What a shame it would be if she couldn’t be a Girl Scout in a Daisy troop!

Well, OK…that amount of time doesn’t seem like it will kill me. Little did I know, with such a dearth of information available through the council, I’d have already spent about 10 hours on this and we haven’t even had the parent meeting yet!! Now I’m looking at trying to put a troop web site together, organize the parent meeting to see if there will even be enough girls to form a troop, and plan for how we’ll speed these impressionable young minds through the little bit of the year that remains.

The bright side? I met a really nice, over-worked lady who is mom to a 5-year-old at another school, and she’s agreed to be the troop co-leader – I’m not in it alone! I am glad I met her, so even if this Daisy thing doesn’t pan out, I’ve got a new friend.

I think I’ve already won!

On the off chance that anyone may actually read this, if you know anything about being a troop leader to a group of Daisies (would that be a bouquet?), email me and fill me in on what I should be expecting!


Did that headline get your attention?  GOOD!  Now for the “meat” of the story!

My middle child, Alayna, is a kindergarten student at Discovery Elementary School in San Marcos. The school was built in the mid-90s and is still beautiful, but due to it’s age it has not held up well when it comes to technology. Kids today can do SO much, if they have the right equipment, and we’re trying to help them with that.

Clorox is holding a grant competition that awards the winning school $50,000, and Discovery wants to use that money to help upgrade the technology so that the students have the best available to them. Right now, we’re in first place, but our lead is shrinking and we need all the help we can get! Please take a moment and click on the link below to vote for Discovery Elementary. Each person can text* and vote online every day, so that’s TWO votes per person per day. It takes less than 5 minutes to text and vote online, so it would be really amazing if you would take those few moments to help out.

To vote online, click on the image above.  The easiest way to make sure you’re voting for Discovery is to click on “Gallery of Nominees” in the upper left corner, then click on the “Most Votes” button a couple of inches below on the left.  Discovery will hopefully still be in the lead, so it will be the first school.  Click vote and you’re done!  You do need to register the first time, and I chose to use a different email address that is not associated with my Facebook account (I didn’t want them accessing my info!).  I got a confirmation email for my registration, but I have not gotten any spam from Clorox after that. Each time you got there to vote after the first time, you can just click/confirm/finish!

Never texted?  That’s ok, I can help!  If you’ve got any questions about how to text or vote online, please don’t hesitate to respond here or email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.    Every vote helps, so even if you can’t vote both ways, any voting is good!


* Note: Texting rates do apply, but only if you are on a plan that doesn’t include texting.

Welcome to my experiment!

I’m taking a WordPress class this semester at Palomar Community College and this is where I’ll be doing my experimenting (aka “Lessons”). Feel free to let me know what you think!

~ Shawndy ~