About Me

Hi, and welcome to my playground!

I’ve created this web site to display myself to the world. Yeah, that’s kind of egotistical, but somebody’s got to do it! Actually, I started out with the web site address because my tech-geek husband felt like I needed my own URL, then decided to put it to good use when I took a class in creating web sites from a WordPress site. Now, I’m trying to fill in the gaps so that it’s a complete, functioning site that I’m proud to tell people about.

I’d like to think I’m a bit unusual, because I like things that “grown-ups” aren’t supposed to like. Things like video games, reading fantasy fiction (the stuff with wizards and dragons), and cooking. Ok, lots of grown-ups like cooking, but I’m fairly new to the scene, having stuck to “the usuals” for years, so I’m adding that in too. Anyway, here’s some of my interests:

Video Games

About 12 years ago, my husband started playing some new game called EverQuest, and I absolutely HATED it! He spent all his time there, didn’t hang out with me and our daughter as much because of some dumb thing called “raids,” and wanted to even EAT at his computer! BLEH!!!

Fast forward to the present, and I’m hooked! After many a discussion about family time, Ryan talked me into creating a character on his EverQuest account and at least trying it before I knocked it (further). I did, and so began a long and enjoyable voyage in the world of Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games, also known as MMORPGs or now just MMOs. I got in on the beta test of EverQuest – that means I got to try the game and help find bugs before it was released to the public. At the time, we lived in Tampa, FL, but when Ryan got offered a job at Sony to work on EverQuest, we took a huge chance and moved out to Southern California. I haven’t regretted that move yet! From EveryQuest, I went on to beta games such as EverQuest II, World of Warcraft (WoW), City of Heroes, Champions Online, and a few others. I’ve also played pretty much any MMO as it comes out unless it’s got too much blood and guts, and I even have an excuse to do it since my husband needs a “female perspective” one the competition.

What’s unusual about me being a gamer is that up until the last few years, it was mostly guys. Even now, as I play WoW, other players express doubt in the various chat channels as to whether there really ARE any girl gamers. You can’t imagine how stunned some of them are to learn that not only am I a GIRL, I’m a MOM!!! One poor kid asked to be adopted by us when he found out that he was the only non-family member in our group and that my husband and teenager were playing too!

While online gaming can be a huge time-sink, and has the reputation of being isolating, I’ve made some great friends that I only know in the gaming world, as well as some of the most wonderful friends in game that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know in real life. I know couples that met online in a game and are now happily married. And yeah, I know of weirdos who are exemplified on shows like Southpark, the ones who sit in their parents’ basement and never see the light of the sun, let alone a shower! Heck, even stars like Felicia Day are gamers, so I don’t know why folks still think it’s such an underground hobby. I guess it takes all types, and I hope that people don’t make the wrong assumptions about me just because I play games online!


Like I said above, I’m kind of new to the exploration of cooking, if not to the practice. I’ve been married for 22 years and have 3 kids, so I should hope that I’ve done SOME cooking in that time! What I’m talking about now though, is using fresh ingredients in recipes that don’t include dumping the contents of a box and stirring. I’ve learned how to make some amazing things and not to be so afraid of messing up. You can read more about my food adventures on my blog page under Cooking.


My other big passion is reading, and while I don’t get to do as much as I’d like, I still count it as one of the best ways to spend my time. In addition to being an avid reader, I’m also an Elementary Librarian. Well ok, at the moment I’m a stay-home mom, but at heart, I’m still a librarian! I absolutely love teaching small people about the joy of reading, and getting that one kid who is a huge skeptic to find something to enjoy in the library is the most amazing feeling ever! When my youngest goes back to school, I will go back to work, and I look forward to getting back into the trenches of poorly-paid educators so that I can once again share my love of reading with children.

As I said above, my favorite genre is fantasy fiction. For me, the love of the genre began when I was 8 years old and my grandmother, Libby Buckhalter, gave me the most magnificent book of fairy tales ever. It had GOLD on the edge of the pages!!! I still remember the feeling of complete and utter AWE that I felt to know that this was MY book! I never got to tell Grandma Libby what a great road she started me on because she passed away when I was 9, but if I could, I’d thank her from the bottom of my heart!

As I’ve grown up, the genre has expanded, and these stories are no longer just the realm of children. Fantasy authors are some of the most prolific writers today, and my most favorite is . I’ve been a fan since the 1990s, and still snap up anything he writes as soon as possible. I was extremely saddened to learn that he was diagnosed with a form of early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2008, but recently became an even bigger fan when he took on right to die issues in a documentary he did on Swedish clinics who support death with dignity with legalized suicide. It’s a super touchy subject, but if you’re open to hearing one person’s perspective, please check out the documentary.

I think that’s enough for now. I occasionally get a song lyric stuck in my head when I’m typing up this sort of thing. It’s “hear the voices in my head I swear to God it sounds like they’re snoring; But if you’re bored then you’re boring” from Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger. If you’re not snoring by now, then WOW! 🙂